5 Tallest Condo Buildings in Toronto

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The bustling real estate market in Toronto, Ontario is leading to the construction of taller and taller buildings. Developers are stumbling over each other, rushing to see who can be the first to create the tallest condominium.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that not all condos are built equally. There will be all kinds of floor plans, unit sizes, kitchen styles, and amenities offered by different properties.

The benefits of condo living have sent people scrambling to buy or rent units within popular condominiums, and condo-envy is not uncommon. This sentiment arises from knowing that no matter how luxurious your building may be, there will always be a more significant more decadent project out there on a higher floor with a better view.

Each newly constructed building is taller than the last, so there is a lot of property competition in the lively city of Toronto.

Here are the five tallest condos in Toronto, both currently existing and planned constructions:

1. Prestige Condos at 1 Yonge Street (multiple towers, around 65 Storeys to over 90 Storeys)

ground floor amenities of Toronto Star BuildingThis potentially huge condominium complex is proposed to be built at One Yonge Street. While some of the plan’s specifics are still in the works, it is scheduled to consist of multiple towers and features including:

  • Three residential towers
  • A hotel
  • A retail and restaurant space
  • A modern and updated community center
  • A community-friendly promenade that weaves through the property

This architectural gem will be centrally located to create a new cultural and recreational hub for the community. It is safe to say that all eyes will be on this building as it is erected.

The luxury units equipped with state-of-the-art gourmet kitchens, high ceilings, and spa-inspired bathrooms make the whole property a show stopper. Future residents of this project will be able to reap the benefits of its prime waterfront location; 1 Yonge Street is minutes away by foot from dozens of activities including fine dining, bars, and parks.

Th Prestige Condos are still in their pre-construction phase, but the site plans and renderings are quite impressive. When construction of the project is complete, it will contain over 3,000 luxury and waterfront view units across five buildings.

The final product will also have over 800,000 square feet of space dedicated to commercial use, including a hotel and retail and office space. A lot of money was laid down to purchase the land and ensure the construction of this project, but Yonge Street is on the Harbourfront and is a notoriously coveted street to live on because of that.

By the time this property is ready for residents to move in, plenty of people will be taking advantage of its optimal location, units, amenities, and impressive views.

For more information, you can check it out here: https://the1yongecondos.com

2. Shangri-La Hotel and Residences (65 Storeys)

shangrilaDesigned by Hariri Pontarini, it is no surprise that the Shangri-La hotel and residence combination made our top-5 list – hotel/condo buildings tend to make up some of the tallest towers in the city. Hariri Pontarini is an architectural firm that was also chosen to design Prestige Condos at 1 Yonge Street.

This particular building is unique because it is 65 stories tall and also has a large eight levels that extend underground.

Developed by Westbank Projects Corp and Peterson Investment Group Inc., this hotel/condo combination features 202 hotel rooms and 360 units. This impressive building is located on University Avenue, giving visitors access to plenty of activities to access nearby.

3. Aura at College Park (78 Storeys)

As far as already built tall residential buildings go, Aura is a rather impressive one. Aura at College Park is one of Canada’s tallest condominiums, which means it avidly contributes to the unique shape of the Toronto skyline.

This vast structure is also located on Yonge Street and is still under a little bit of construction. This exceptionally tall building can count itself as a landmark with its unique qualities and its height, which makes it visible from all over town. This beautiful building was developed by Candarel Stoneridge and includes a Bed, Bath, & Beyond store to the delight of its residents.

Aura features 24-hour concierge service, which is a massive plus to current and prospective residents. Concierge services are incredibly useful and are the cherry on top of living in a luxury residence. A concierge can send and receive packages for residents and is also typically in charge of monitoring the first-floor security.

Don’t underestimate your concierge – you may be surprised by just how knowledgeable they can be about the city.

4. Quantum (North Tower – 54 Storeys)

quantumThis bold residential concept is yet another impressive property on Yonge Street. Quantum is part of the Davisville Village area. Although the construction was not received well by locals at first, Toronto locals grew to like this building as its quirks and architecture help it fit in with surrounding buildings quite nicely.

Within the 54 stories that make up Quantum, residents can enjoy many different amenities including:

  • A screening room
  • A business center
  • Massage therapy rooms
  • An outdoor lounge fitted with high-end grills on the fourth floor
  • An outdoor terrace and smoking area

5. Success Tower (55 Storeys)

Located on Harbor Street within the Waterfront neighborhood, the Pinnacle Success Tower has almost five hundred units to offer potential renters and buyers. These renovated units feature high-end kitchen and bathroom designs, and some units even have the floor to ceiling windows and gorgeous balconies.

These beautiful city views are hard to beat. The best part of this property is its fantastic location. Bay Street’s financial core is only a short distance away from Success Tower.

Like many of the other luxury condo options, Success Tower also benefits from a dedicated concierge that is prepared to greet everyone and offer any necessary assistance. This property is made up of elegant interiors and a variety of floor plans, so everyone can find what suits their lifestyle needs the best.

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