10 Must-Haves For Any Condo

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Choosing to move into a condo has many benefits; however, it’s not without its challenges. Finding and obtaining the right condo can be stressful and time-consuming enough, but that’s only half the battle. Now that you’ve got your unit, it’s time to fill it with everything you need and make it look and feel homely.

As condos offer less space than single-family housing, you will need to be strategic to make the most of the area. Fortunately, there are plenty of handy items available to help you to get the most out of your condo. Read on for our top ten.

1. Fire extinguisher

Fire extinguisher on a beachAs condo units are right next to each other, fires can spread quickly through the building, destroying multiple units in minutes.

Therefore, it’s essential to have the tools to extinguish a fire as quickly as possible, whether it starts in your unit or elsewhere in the building.

2. Extension cords

Condos often have a limited number of power points compared to houses.

Investing in some extension leads will make it possible to accommodate all of your devices and appliances easily.

3. Beds with storage

As units often provide limited storage space, choose beds with storage underneath. If you opt for one with pull-out storage, this can also double up as an extra bed.

4. Sofa bed

No living room is complete without a comfy sofa. A sofa-bed will also double up as a guest bed if you don’t have a guest bedroom.

5. Over-door shoe holder

A shoe holder provides convenient storage space, not only for shoes but for cleaning supplies, office supplies and more – be creative!

Hang them on the back of your front door, bathroom door and wardrobe doors for heaps more storage space.

6. Pull out racks and shelves

office setupMany condo residents love to have hidden racks or shelves which pull out, as a tidy and convenient way to store food and kitchen supplies.

7. Fold-away clothesline

Condo life will leave you without the classic washing line in the back garden.

A fold-away clothesline can be used to dry laundry on the balcony or inside, and you can put it away when you’re not using it.

8. Split system air conditioning

Keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter with split system air conditioning. If your unit is on a lower floor, opening the windows may invite in a lot of street noise, which many residents prefer to avoid.

Choose an air-con unit which can be mounted on the wall to save space.

9. Plants and chairs for outside

Coffee on a tableIf your unit includes a balcony, make the most of this space so that it becomes an extension of the interior, and an area which you’ll want to use.

Add chairs, a table and some plants for a garden feel.

10. Homey finishes

Sometimes condos just don’t feel as cozy as a house, and can even feel more like a hotel.

Hang some photos on the walls and decorate with cushions and throws to make your unit your own.

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